Since 1986, Dr. Neumaier has been writing a monthly column for the Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY. Reproduced below are columns dealing with events in his early life in Germany and with the story of his mother, Leonore Schwarz Neumaier, and her tragic death at the hands of the Nazis. Other columns take up political and social issues. Most have been broadcast over Radio for Peace International, a short-wave station in Costa Rica.

A survivor of Kristallnacht remembers – Nov. 9, 1988
Sense of hope after ‘history’ talk with youngsters – Nov. 4. 1990
The Holocaust: Can we fathom the unfathomable? – May 2, 1993
There’s no way to prepare for hell on earth – Sept. 5, 1993
Bittersweet memories of schooldays in Frankfurt –May 7, 1995
Why we must remember – in spite of the Holocaust deniers – April 5, 1998
Quest for remembrance – in Frankfurt am Main – Oct. 4, 1998
A flood of memories on visit to Frankfurt on Main – Nov. 1, 1998
Remembering the Holocaust and society’s divided past – April 2, 2000
Anticipating a return visit to my native city of Frankfurt – June 3, 2001
Looking to a better future, but not forgetting about the past – July 1, 2001
A personal Holocaust commemoration – July 6, 2003
The Holocaust in a wider context – Oct. 5, 2003

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